ITT- International Technical Translations

international technical translations

technical interpreting:

‘live’ translation of the spoken word

Our worldwide network of professionally qualified technical interpreters provides you with a resource available with one call to itt. Our experience provides you with a professional, confidential interpretation in a variety of settings with transparent costing.

Many of our clients require technical training on site for personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of their equipment. itt provide this service globally enabling you to secure an interpreter in country with one phone call.

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting: We can advise the best suited approach and supply portable equipment if required.

Technical Interpreting: This might involve a guided tour of a factory site for prospective buyers or a month-long technical training course for in country engineers.

Business Interpreting: Customer-supplier or business-to-business negotiations, where the interpreter plays a vital role in facilitating communication, avoiding misunderstandings and helping both sides to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Competitive rates and transparent costing enable our clients to plan interpreting in advance at fixed rates regardless of location and language combination.

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