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What is Machine Translation?
Machine Translation is simply “vocabulary matching” software, taking a content in one language and “translating” it into another without human input. These kinds of tools are fast, but result in a poor quality translation. A machine cannot understand the subtleties or contexts of language. itt do not employ machine translation tools.
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What is Computer Assisted Translation (or CAT)?
CAT stands for “Computer assisted translation” and is the process that a human translator uses to translate documents and files with the assistance of a translation memory tool.
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What is Translation Memory?
Simply put translation memory is a database application that stores words and phrases that have already been translated. The next time a translation is performed and the same or similar words are present the database looks up the word and automatically gives the translator the choice of using the same translation again, at a discounted cost. In addition to reduce costs it saves time and more importantly keeps the terminology consistent throughout the entire document. The databases are called Translation Memories and are client and language pair specific. Over time as the size of the memory grows there is increasing benefit to its deployment on new translations.
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What is Terminology Management?
Terminology management allows you to keep track of definitions and translations for words that you encounter. Terminology Management tools can include glossary and dictionary type entries offering up the correct translation to our translators automatically for approval and inclusion in to your translations.
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Will Translation Memory translate my document automatically?
In a word, no. Translation Memory tools are not intended to replace the human translator. Rather, they minimize repetitive typing, repetitive research, and unintentional inconsistency. Translation memory tools allow itt to recycle your own content saving time and money.
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Which languages do you translate?
There are over 6900 known languages in use, but in reality a small number are required for global business.
itt can translate almost any language combination given time. However we consistently work in around 60 language combinations covering all key languages.
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Does itt produce translations via software packages, like those available on the internet?
No, itt only engage technically qualified mother tongue translators. Although free machine translation is appealing it is likely to be inaccurate and is only really useful for gist translation where the content is not critical or particularly technical or terminological.
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How much will my translation cost?
Typically the cost of your translation will be based upon two things: the volume of words involved and the format of the source material. However the specific language combination and content will also influence the final cost. We aim to be transparent on costs and do not have hidden charges. Please contact us for a quote here.
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Does my document have to be in electronic format to be translated?
Obviously this helps as it can be emailed to us quickly and we can then work directly on the original source file. However it is not always possible to obtain files in this way. Therefore you may wish to post or fax us a hard copy of your document; we can then recreate it and either return it to you in electronic format or as a hard copy print out as you choose.
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Should I send PDF format?
Although we can edit and work with PDF it is not an ideal format for translation. Translation memory tools are not applicable to PDF format meaning translators have to work from scratch each time. Ideally you should search for the source format of the content you wish to have translated. This enables quicker translation generally at reduced cost as Translation Memory tools can be applied. In addition source files avoid reproduction of original format from scratch.
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My document contains a particular style of formatting, including headers and tables, can you retain this?
Yes. When possible our translators work directly in the source documentation maintaining the original formatting attributes. Our project managers check and edit documents post translation, ensuring they reflect the original as closely as possible. This includes folder structure and file names enabling you to easily identify your source documents once translated, as well as maintaining linked items such as graphics.
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How long will my translation take?
Each and every translation project we undertake is different and therefore will take a different amount of time depending upon its individual parameters. These include the language combination, complexity of the text, formatting, graphical content, editable vs. non-editable text elements and more.
A general measure when placing translation is to allow for around 2000 words per day, this being a typical output for a single translator. Our guidance is to allow enough time for a single translator to complete your project enabling the highest consistency and document integrity. However for large projects teams are necessity and through use of CAT tools we can maximise consistency whilst completing large volumes rapidly. itt endeavour to meet our customers requirements, so if you have an urgent translation project, contact us directly for an achievable and competitive turnaround time. We do not believe in having a minimum turnaround time for our projects as this would not enable our clients to achieve their business aims.
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The document for translation is confidential; can I be assured that it will be secure?
Confidentiality is essential to our business as we are often involved in production of materials for new products, competitive tenders or legal cases. Needless to say all company information and documentation that we receive is handled in the strictest of confidence. Our employees and translators are bound by legally binding confidentiality agreements, ensuring that no information is shared or divulged with any third parties.
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How can I be assured that itt will provide a quality translation?
itt only use qualified translators, who translate into their native language. We will only place your project with a translator who has a high standard of specialisation and experience in the particular field concerned. We check and proofread all of our translations and apply Quality Assurance systems that are ISO accredited. Our translations will reflect the quality and style of the source text you provide us with.
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I have a lot of work for translation, do you offer any discount?
Absolutely, we like to offer bespoke rates based upon volume and repeat business creating tailored packages that allow us to work closely with you as a partner.
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How do I pay for my translation?
Payment is not usually required in advance, unless requested at our discretion. Our payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Invoices will be issued on completion and return of the translation. Payments can be made by bank transfer or cheque, which should be made payable to itt Ltd.
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How do I know how many words my document has?
The easiest way is to let us count them for you. Whether your document is electronic format or hardcopy we can quickly provide an accurate word count enabling a quotation to be prepared normally on the same day.
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Does it cost the same to have something translated into a foreign language from English as it does to have something translated from the foreign language into English?
No. Rates are higher for translations from English into foreign languages. This is a simple supply and demand issue. It is of the utmost importance that a document is translated by a native speaker of the language into which it is being translated. And quite simply, translators who are native speakers of English are more readily available in this country than are those who are native speakers of foreign languages.
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Who performs the translation?
We do not use any kind of “machine translation”. All of our work is translated by human translators. We have a translation resource in most countries throughout the world. These experienced individuals have, in addition to their translation credentials, higher education qualifications and/or practical experience in a specific field or fields. In this way, we are able to match the right translator to a given document, based both on the language pair involved and on the subject matter.
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By what methods can you receive and deliver documents?
We can receive hard copy documents by fax, post, courier, or overnight service. We can receive electronic documents by e-mail, our own FTP service or on a variety of removable media, including DVD, CD or floppy disk for either Mac or PC. Similarly we can deliver translations by any of these methods, and can additionally provide your documents to you via our Internet storage drive which allows you to retrieve them by clicking a link in an E-Mail message. We are always happy to provide an electronic version of your translation.
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Why is there so much difference in pricing for professional translation?
Different translation agencies have various strengths and weaknesses and work on different scales. Some questions to consider are: How educated and experienced are the translators? What country do they live in? Is the translator aware of available technology to improve accuracy and consistency throughout the document? Is proofreading included? Do you need professional or technical expertise? Is there a dedicated Project Manager? Is there a team of translators or just one? The more questions you ask before you accept a bid, the less surprises you will have when the project comes back.
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We only work on Macs and not PC - can you translate our documentation?
Yes - in fact we do some of our largest projects with Mac based content. In addition we are even able to apply translation memory tools to Mac based projects despite these tools traditionally being only PC based. We have skilled Mac operators and offer full DTP support across many Mac software applications.
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